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Hey there...

I'm Jaina

I am a girl, a woman, a soul and an energy. Life is a journey of discovery and in this blog I love to share my exploration of life including the ups and downs, the good and the bad, the emotions and the feelings, the vulnerable times and the moments of love and joy.  

So what does my world look like?

I was born into a Hindu family and grew up in a small town called Bushey which is just outside of London. My mum and dad were incredibly loving so much so that they often wrapped us up in cotton wool which obviously had its pros and cons. However they had three daughters so being extra cautious was their coping strategy and it actually helped us to develop a close relationship and bond with each other. I am in the middle of my two sisters who have turned into my best wasn't always like that as we used to fight like crazy. But now we're super close and I've learnt a lot from them about connection and friendship.

In my early teens I discovered I had scoliosis which is curvature of the spine. This lead me to explore lots of different holistic practices to help my spine. This is when I discovered yoga. Yoga became a source of strength not just for my body but also my mind too. I explored lots of different yoga classes and ended up training to become a yoga teacher in 2010. I learnt so much from the course I decided to quit my job as an interior designer and become a yoga teacher. Teaching yoga and watching my students take care of their body, mind and soul feels really satisfying. It has given my life greater purpose and meaning and sharing a subject that is close to my heart has so many rewards.  

In 2014 I married my best friend and soul mate Rakesh who always pulls me out of my comfort zone. This has made life more interesting, fun and has made us achieve things which at times I thought were never possible. Life really has become an adventure - from traveling across Asia, to renovating our new home and now parenting our new baby daughter, Vanaya.

Life is a journey of so many different phases, stories, adventures and explorations. Through the journey I have experienced many realisations about myself and the world as a whole. Meditation has been a key part of this practice and as I continue through life it feels right to share and open my journey with others. This can be daunting and overwhelming at times but it feels right and I hope in some way you can relate to me and my work. Thank you for joining me in this space and may our connection grow to serve and inspire others too.

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