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  • Jaina

A Beauty Indulgent December

Back in November a couple of my friends came over to visit me and Vanaya. As well as showering Vanaya with gifts they also got me an advent calender. It wasn't the usual chocolate calender but a beauty calender from Holland & Barrett. As a new mum this was the perfect gift. I could open a door each day and discover a beauty treat which was also health conscious too. Each day opening the gift was like a little bit of self indulgent excitement. Something that I could look forward to which wasn't baby orientated. I think every mum should get a beauty calender even if its not December!

I was really impressed with the products and many of them were full size products too. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen the gifts I received each day and here I want to share the top five products which I have loved to use. 


1. Trilogy Rosehip Oil

I have used Rosehip oil in the past and I love it as a night oil for my face. It evens out my skin tone and also nourishes and hydrates my face. This time I also used it to rub onto my stomach. I find this really useful for reducing the darkness of the stomach after child birth especially the linea nigra which develops during pregnancy. 


2. Miaroma Grapeseed Oil

This is such a great non greasy oil which is also fragrant free and I've been using it to massage Vanaya. I like to give Vanaya a massage with the oil followed by a bath and I find it leaves her skin feeling so soft after the bath. 

Grapeseed oil is a carrier oil too and therefore can be used with essential oils.