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Gratitude, Love letters & Changing the World

The power of love and gratitude can change the world. Do you agree? From my experience and knowledge I know that love and gratitude can have a profound effect on my life. However I am also aware that it can be difficult to feel a sense of love or gratitude when I am going through difficult times.

Over the course of the last year life has changed for us all. I have had to shift my business from being in person to online which has bought about many challenges but has given me the opportunity to take my business in a new and exciting direction. At the same time I am awaiting the birth of my second child which is such a blessing but also comes with anxiety and worry for the changes I have experienced within myself and the further changes that await me.

As I look at these two scenarios they both come with challenges as well as joy and excitement. I can make a choice about how I want to perceive the situation. So I choose to consciously make the decision of love and gratitude. I am aware I need to consciously do this in my mind in order to allow myself to really feel a deep sense of love and gratitude.

Another great way to develop love and gratitude is to write about it…

As you are all aware I love to practice yoga and I love to spend time with people who share the same passion for the practice. Last week on the podcast I had a conversation with my student Sonal Dack about yoga. You can find the podcast here. We decided to put this podcast together as Sonal had sent me a letter, a love letter which she had written to yoga. You can find the letter below which is such a sweet way to express her love and gratitude for the practice of yoga.

I think writing is a great way to consciously move into a more positive state. A few years ago I also heard about this great concept of sharing love letters to anonymous people. For example leaving a note on the restaurant table to let the waitress/waiter know that you loved the service they gave. Imagine being the waiter/waitress and picking up the note! You can learn more about the concept here and for further ways to spread love check out this website who have an upcoming 12 days of love letters campaign.