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Switching the Backpack for the Baby Carrier

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Back in 2017 Rakesh and I went travelling for four months which was amazing. Everyone always said 'its great you are doing it before you have kids!' So I'm glad we did do it before Vanaya as travelling with a baby is a whole different ball game. However we also don't want to stop travelling just because we have Vanaya. Yes we probably can't go away for four months again anytime soon, although we never say never. Also there is the presumption that if you have a baby/ children its best to just hit the beach and stay in an all inclusive hotel. I know this option is the more relaxing choice and to be honest I would lean more towards this option. However Rakesh always pulls me out of my comfort zone and would prefer to travel around, explore the country and stay in unique places. And to be honest I do prefer to do this too, it just requires a bit more effort and planning.

So it did take a few months to organise our trip to Mexico and decide what we wanted to do and how we were going to do it with Vanaya. When we went travelling we lived so simply with just a backpack each whereas this time I had to think more carefully about what to take so that we could travel comfortably with the baby. I think the essentials were obviously the baby carrier so that we could walk around with her, the car seat as we hired a car in Tulum to explore different areas along the coast and finally a nursing scarf so that I could feed Vanaya which also doubled up as a car seat and pushchair cover so she could sleep when we were out and about. There are a host of other things we took as the list is endless but I think the three mentioned above were really useful and would be my advice to anyone thinking of travelling with a baby.

The trip was full of adventure from a beautiful family wedding in the mountains to beaches, cenotes, boat rides, city discoveries, Mayan ruins and so much more. We stayed in a mix of hotels and AirBnB's. We love AirBnb's which really make you feel like you are living with the locals. We also ate at lots