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Pregnancy Yoga

Online PregnancyYoga

Starts Saturday 13th June 2020

9 to 10.30am

£8 per session

Many congratulations on your Pregnancy!

​Pregnancy is a vital time in a women's life to take care of herself. Yoga provides the space for the mother to honour her health and wellbeing and to connect and develop her relationship with her unborn child. Also quite significantly yoga allows the mother the opportunity to develop and heighten her intuition. This motherly instinct will provide her with the strength and guidance to care for her child from a place of inner truth and wisdom. 

​In this weekly online pregnancy class I take you through various yoga and meditation techniques to provide a sense of ease and comfort. The techniques also work to strengthen the body to carry and deliver a child whilst also working with the mind to find a sense of peace, calm and clarity amongst the physical and emotional changes that a mother experiences. 

This class is suitable for any stage of pregnancy.


For this class you will need a quiet space where you will be undisturbed. Be sure to roll out your yoga mat in advance of the class starting and ensure that there is adequate space around you. Remove any obstacles that may cause injury to yourself or damage to your home. Keep some cushions, a blanket and if you have a bolster or yoga blocks to hand these will be useful to support you during your practice. 

The general rule in yoga is to avoid eating one to two hours before a yoga class however if you feel hungry before a session I would advise you to eat some fruit such as a banana to give you the energy for the session. Also be sure to have some water to hand during the session.

Registration and Payment

​All new students must register their details to gain access to the classes.

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