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Visualise ~ A Series of Guided Visualisations

Visualise ~ A Series of Guided Visualisations

A series of visualisations to lead you to a place of inner strength and calm.


Each track works on stimulating each of the seven energy centres with carefully selected imagery and music to guide you deeper into the practice.


The digital download includes each meditation, image and the accompanying instrumental music.


A Series of Guided Visualisations


1. Forest Meditation

Encourage calmness, stability and grounding within your body and mind.


2. River Meditation

Release your thoughts and relax yourself into a place of inner peace.


3. Sunrise Meditation

Energise and lift your spirits.


4. Rose Garden Meditation

A heart opening visualisation to create a sense of serenity and calm.


5. Mountain Meditation

Clear the mind to find a sense of clarity.


6. Moonlight Meditation

Become receptive to your own inner guidance.


7. Beam of Light Meditation

Open up your energy centres to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.


Copyright © 2012 – 2020 Jaina Mistry-Patel. All Rights Reserved

℗ 2012 – 2020 Jaina Mistry-Patel


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    File format MP3 and JPEG

    Created alongside TP Creative

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